Designed and installed by our principle company C SEED Entertainment Systems

April 4, 2019by FonakITS0

Dubai Holdings, a leading global investment company, recently installed C SEED HLR TV 144, the world’s largest outdoor LED TV. This impressive installation was designed and installed by our principle company C Seed.

The installation of this massive LED TV is a testament to the technological capabilities of Dubai Holdings. The C SEED HLR TV 144 is an impressive feat of engineering and design that will surely be an eye-catching addition to the cityscape. The display features a high-resolution 4K image quality and can be seen from up to 1 mile away.

This new installation is part of Dubai Holding’s commitment to creating innovative solutions that make the city more attractive and vibrant for its citizens and visitors alike. With this new addition, Dubai Holdings continues to push boundaries in technology, architecture, and design.

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© Fonakits. All rights reserved.