Dominator Yachts was always a boutique family yard with a bespoke approach and an international outreach, but with the new Ilumen range Dominator has carried the combination of contradictions to the extremes. Combining strong contradictions takes a lot of efforts but the result is unique, such as the Dominator Ilumen facing you with her aggressive, strong look that started as a design concept but the realization of the concept is the symbolization of Dominator’s unique philosophy. 

The groundbreaking Ilumen is a unique work of art – a perfect synthesis of technology, design and the finest comforts built upon a philosophy of excellence. Bespoke and made-to-measure from beginning to end, these magnificent yachts are the ultimate expression of lifestyle and luxury. The Ilumen range, which encompasses models from 24M up to 42M, is truly bespoke, starting from the choice of hull (semi-displacement vs. semi-planing), the choice of propulsion, the entire cabin layout up to moving structural bulkheads, the interior design, the hull color or the engine room layout, to name only a few. Even the size of fuel tanks can be adjusted in order to achieve the desired range of the owner’s new yacht. 

Dominator’s highly qualified staff accompanies the owner from the very beginning when the journey starts to create the owner’s dream yacht from scratch: they first make their choice of materials and then go on to define the rest of the yacht right up until the final delivery. A masterpiece of yacht building created from a unique combination of advanced technology and sublime craftsmanship, everything about a new Dominator Yacht is made specifically for you and is purpose-built by the Dominator design and engineering teams. The result is a vessel that takes the experience of owning a yacht to a new level: A modern masterpiece that blends advanced technology and engineering, peerless Italian design, the finest materials, and handcrafted excellence. 

Every yacht that Dominator builds is a part of their rich history, the history they write day after day, together with the owners who choose the Dominator vision of yachting. For Dominator it is an ongoing process of perfection that keeps setting the bar higher and higher to build yachts that are exquisite in every way. Dominator doesn’t just offer personalized versions of standards designs and options, but there really are no limits with regards to what they can and will do to let your creativity run free and build your own vision of paradise. 

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